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Monte Christopher’s Hub for Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Technology

What is 222 Social?

222 Social in Granville, Ohio is a dynamic co-working space, where innovation meets collaboration. As Monte Christopher's entrepreneurship hub, our space pulsates with energy, inspires creativity and propels independent thinkers forward. Here, ambitious minds come together, forging connections and sharing expertise, as they embark on their entrepreneurial journeys. With cutting-edge technology and a diverse community, our collaborative space is designed to foster growth, fuel breakthroughs, and provide the support and resources needed to turn ideas into reality.


We strive to provide our interns, employees and industry partners with an inspiring and creative environment. Our goal is to be a space where people from all walks of life are welcomed, and to be a hub where innovation, entrepreneurship, & technology is taken to the next level through collaboration and experiences. 

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With a focus on education and technology, the mission of 222 Social is to be an inspiring, welcoming hub for Monte Christopher partners to gather, share ideas, collaborate, & empower while embracing the entrepreneurial spirit in a productive and innovative workspace. 


Community: We prioritize developing meaningful connections between our members and creating a supportive atmosphere.

Collaboration: We foster collaboration and creative problem-solving through our shared workspace and resources.

Productivity: We strive to create an environment that encourages productivity and the pursuit of excellence.

Inspiration: We provide a space to be inspired and motivated to reach new heights.


The Roots of 222 Social

The idea for 222 Social was simple at first: the Monte Christopher interns needed a place to gather and work, a home away from home. It was important for the location to be close to Denison University so the students could easily commute. Downtown Granville was the perfect spot to develop the idea for a climate that would overflow with creativity and collaboration.

The concept of 222 Social started as a vibe, spurred by the energy of the MCH intern program. Before there was a physical space, the students brought spirit to the company with freshness, ingenuity, and youth. As 222 takes shape, it is becoming more than just a physical location. It is a hub of connection, incubating relationships and ideas. It is a bridge for continued innovation between Monte Christopher’s interns, team, and partners.

Image by Luca Bravo


ADDRESS: 222 S. Main Street, Granville, Ohio 43001

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